• IDEA

    Company Secretary: Born in trouble, die in ease

    Enterprise goal: to be a strong player in the switch socket industry

    Corporate style: fairness, justice, integrity, and pragmatism

    Business philosophy: innovation never ends, always pursue better; people-oriented, quality first

    The core spirit of the enterprise: do what others are not easy to do

    The belief of Bsun people: ideal is above all else

    The morality of Bsun people: diligence, dedication, unity and innovation

  • code of conduct

    The interests of the enterprise are above all else, and the personal interests of shareholders, operators, and employees must obey the interests of the enterprise;

    Bsun serves shareholders, employees, customers, and society;

    Benefits from management and endless cost reduction;

    Enterprises must constantly change, and only change is constant.

    code of conduct
  • Resources Guidelines

    Give and get corresponding, equal rights and responsibilities, and work hard with opportunities;
    The company is always with every employee who strives to improve;

    The company provides opportunities for the development of employees, and employees contribute to the development of the company;

    Basic-level employees must be responsible, middle-level employees must be self-motivated, and high-level employees must be enterprising;

    The company is responsible to the employees, and the employees are loyal to the company;

    No doubt about employing people, trust is the prerequisite for efficiency; strengthening supervision, supervision is the guarantee of trust;

    Respect talents, but don't accommodate them.

    Resources Guidelines
  • Staff Code of Conduct

    I am Bsun, and every employee’s words and deeds represent Bsun’s image;

    Simplify interpersonal relationship, be a simple person, and do things practically;

    Do your job well without having to look at anyone's face;

    Advocate professionalism and adhere to professional ethics;

    Not only books, not only the top, only the truth, insist on seeking truth from facts;

    No effort, no gain, cleverness can never replace hard work;

    Employees who pursue returns all day often get nothing;

    Less complaining, more understanding; less misunderstanding, more communication;

    Recognizing mistakes is the beginning of correcting them, and facing yourself is the beginning of improving yourself.

    Staff Code of Conduct
  • Work criteria

    There is a system to implement the system, there is no system to establish a system, and the system is constantly improved in practice;

    For things and not for people, things should be treated rationally, and emotional factors should never affect the handling of things;

    It doesn't count if you say it, it doesn't count if you do it, and you do it well;

    Subordinates obey their superiors, and execute them first before putting forward different opinions; rights represent responsibilities, and leadership errors must be responsible for the consequences;

    Only by doing small things can you accomplish great things;

    Only with good motivation can there be good results;

    Safety is in the heart, Xuhua cares about you;

    You can report by leapfrogging, but you cannot ask for instructions; you can check by leapfrogging, but you cannot command by leapfrogging.

    Work criteria
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