What are the advantages of the phone jack interface?

Date:2021-02-05 15:32:45 Source: Views:3404

According to the needs of large-scale shopping malls, phone jack manufacturers gradually improve the old phone jacks, and design and develop multifunctional phone jacks that go to the market. Only then can they gain a favorable position in the strong large-scale shopping mall competition, thereby continuously increasing total output and reducing costs. .

One end of the fork-shaped contact spring in the phone jack is a connection port, which is exposed on the cylindrical wall of the base for connecting the copper core wire or flexible cable of the input power transformer. The other end of the fork-shaped contact spring is composed of two plastic arms interconnected by plates. , Set the DC power plug into the base jack of the direction cable sheath, show the purpose of the computer monitor, and make everything work normally.

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